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PRS is Connecticut’s ModTruss Dealer

ModTruss is a versatile modular building component system that can solve complex building problems.

Performance Rigging Solutions has the knowledge, expertise and services to fit any need from family entertainment centers to ninja course facilities.

Rock Exotica’s Butterfly Lift

The Rock Exotica Butterfly lift is a portable performer flying system. We can set it up in almost any venue. If your theater or party need to fly a performer, we have a solution that is affordable and safe. The Butterfly lift is a compact manual counterweight system engineered with a 10:1 safety factor and a working load limit of 350lbs. We have the Butterfly Lift in two configurations that accommodate 40′ and 60′ house height. Our certified and experienced riggers will make your performance soar!

Performer Flight

The Butterfly Lift is a manual counterweight flying system capable of flying a performer up to 350lbs at 6-8 feet per second. Our certified riggers/operators have years of performer flight and acrobatic rigging experience. We will work closely with you to make sure your performance is spectacular.

Select Clients

Phish Concert

PRS was proud to provide the safety and performer rigging for the 2018 New Year’s Eve Gag.


We can help you fly your performer with a safe, affordable system. Whether you are flying Peter Pan or an angel at Christmas, we can make it possible.

We also offer acrobatic rigging installation services. If you need to hang equipment from the ceiling, we have the technical expertise you can rely on.

If you need a safety inspection of your venue or are thinking about adding acrobatic points. Give us a call, we can find a solution.

Acrobatic Rigging Installation

Whatever your rigging needs are, we have the qualified riggers and technical expertise to install a system that you and your clients can rely on. If your gym, studio or theater needs rated points or if you’re adding new elements to a ninja course. We can give you the peace of mind that the project was completed properly.

Inspections and Consulting

You rely on your equipment and periodic inspections are part of a good maintenance plan. Let us inspect your system to find any issues before it becomes a problem. If you’re looking into building an aerial yoga studio, a ninja warrior course or a circus school we can help with designs and installation advice.

The experience you can rely on!

  • Over twenty years rigging experience, three years with Cirque Du Soliel.
  • Our performer flying system provides an alternative to more expensive and complicated motorized winches.
  • All of our riggers/operators have been factory certified.
  • Our manual performer flying system can be set almost anywhere. As long as there is load rated points or truss, we can make it happen.
  • Acrobatic equipment properly installed that you can rely on.
  • If you need to fly a performer, install acrobatic equipment or inspection and advice, give us a call, we would love to make the impossible, possible.

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